Understanding and Functions of Ram

Understanding and Functions of Ram 

Definition and Function of Ram – The storage media while that is the rama   also has an extension that is  Random Access Memory. there are many kinds of ram ram types

I will here discuss the complete understanding of computer ram and the type of ram.  Here is a description of Ram

Ram function

The function of ram ( Random Access Memory)  is a tool to speed up the process of data on a computer device RAM itself also has a function to become a storage medium while the larger the size of RAM on a computer device as fast as the performance or speed of the computer.

Type of Ram

The type of ram itself is different in terms of form and slot ram (DDR). As the era of ram grows itself, the types as follows develop

Sample Ram Pictures

1. DDR

2. DDR2

3. DDR3

4. DDR4

that’s just the discussion of the definition and function of ram, hopefully the article about Ram above can add to your knowledge in getting to know the computer ram thanks

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