Do not believe?

Have you ever thought, what sets us apart from Bill Gates, besides the wealth of US $ 50 billion?

Not his bachelor’s degree (Bill Gates never graduated university!), Not because of his family, not his friends (many poor people know rich people, but they don’t get rich too, right?).

What distinguishes you from Bill Gates is just what is in your mind and his. That is it. Your mind is the only thing that sets you apart from a Bill Gates.

What does it mean?

The meaning is that what you are now is caused by your own choice of where you are now. 

Yes, purely your own decision. The thoughts that are in your mind, take you to make a decision, which ultimately leads you to your present condition. 

The most decisive factor to see if you will succeed is; 

Do you form or not, a mindset that will encourage and give you the power to take action and apply the discipline needed to succeed? 

Not products, companies, not training, not this motivational blog article , not a motivational CD, and not a bunch of your up line who are willing to help you! You and only you.It’s your mindset! Cara Kerja Paytren

Do you train your mind to think like a successful businessman, who in the end, will make you a successful businessman? 

“But Be Careful With Your Mind, Your Mind Often Deceives!” 

Someone who successfully does what is consciously decided – not to be done by people who are not successful. This decision to “fail” is very easy to forget, because your mind will give you “logical reasons” that justify your decision. If you are not careful, you will let your mind fool you. 

Common reasons such as: 

“I’m too busy right now” 
“I don’t have enough time” 
“I’m too tired to do anything else” 

“my wife / husband does not agree” 
“I have tried, and failed” 
“I have no business experience” 
“I do not like to sell” 
“I want to try another business” 
“I have no acquaintances, who want to follow too ” 
” I try the product first ” 
” I’m too fat ” 
” I’m prestige ” 
” I’m shy ” 
” I’m bald “

Try reading again the reasons above, isn’t it easy for you to find directly – at least – 3 soothing reasons / please you, and prove to you that you really can’t get what you really want?

Are the reasons above really a real reason? Or is that all just an excuse (sought after)? Do you want to know the real problem? 

“The problem is, not whether you can or not, but do you really want it?” 

Every time you say “I can’t”, your mind will automatically be translated as; “I won’t do it,” and you will automatically give “logical” reasons to support your opinion.

Consistent thoughts about something will produce certain patterns of your way of thinking. Your mindset will produce “beliefs”, “attitude” (attitude), and “values” (values). Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values, will produce “actions” (actions). Actions will produce results. Quite logical, right? 

The reality is, in this world, only one thing counts; that is something that you produce (result), and something that is the result of a series of your mindset. You cannot produce something that is not in yourself. 

I Ngat ,; Orange Seeds Will Not Produce Wine, And Chickens Will Not Produce Horses. Logical enough? 

In short, if you want to be “something”, start by forming and training your mind to become “something” ! 

“But It Needs To Be Recalled, That You And Yourself Can Help You”

In other words you must immediately act !! Don’t let yourself be a dreamer forever. Make your dreams come true! Make yourself a leader, responsible for yourself, and the people you lead! I am here only helping you to see the reality of life and its problems, provide a motivation for yourself and the solution of course you apply yourself. The full choice is yours. 


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