Strengths and Weaknesses of Internal and External Modems

Strengths and Weaknesses of Internal and External Modems 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Internal and External Modems – Modem is a tool for the internet that has advantages and disadvantages of internal and external modems as well as differences between the two also affect quality.

the advantages of modems and lack of modems in general can be seen from the layout and how to use the following, the excess modem that you should know 

The excess internal modem

  1. have a good portable because the location outside can be moved as you wish.
  2. save space on matherboard
  3. Has an indicator light pointing the modem to the internet

Internal modems are lacking

  1. The internal modem price is expensive in comparison to external modems
  2. Requires your own slot or place to connect it

For the speed of an external modem it actually depends on the size of Mb on the internal quota and the modem that is used here are the advantages and disadvantages of the kernel modem.

The excess external modem

  1. Save space
  2. cheaper prices compared to internal modems
  3. Already installed on the CPU
  4. It’s neater because it doesn’t need a place to connect to the CPU

Weak external modem

  1. There is no indicator light indicating the modem has been connected to the intennet
  2. Meet the motherboard slot that can be used for other hardwares
  3. Add heat to the CPU from the heat of the modem

The following is what the advantages of the internal modem I have mentioned above are actually internal and external modems that have almost the same advantages and disadvantages. Okay

that’s all for the  advantages and disadvantages of internal and external modems from me hopefully useful.

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