Simple Tactics of Google’s Best Page One

Though the article without backlinks without promotion can be the best page, this is the secret of SEO practitioners, the tactics are simple, only the mention of long tail keywords is optimized

The assumption of SEO is a lot of misunderstanding by bloggers so that there is stuffing keywords (excessive mentioning) that result in honeymoon articles, or missing in search engines … 

In fact, even more sad there are those who play blogwalking between blogs, he said effective for optimizing articles … 

Certainly bounce rate will rise rapidly .. 

Articles with just a short word can penetrate the best pages, that’s because of the mention of good keywords in the eyes of Google. 

If you have been hard to think about seo, or the blog continues to be empty of visitors, then I will reveal a little secret … Can be applied in all types of niche blogs with long tail keywords 


this is often forgotten, even though it works very well. .

Why bro !! Because Google has a feature called “Spider view”, the point is to browse the title, body, and cover of the article. 

So keyword optimization in the initial paragraph is very effective, mention 3-4 repeat keywords in the initial paragraph. 

This will help the spider view to recognize the contents of your article, is it in accordance with Google’s criteria or even vice versa ?? 

So don’t forget this SEO strategy, focus on the main keywords !! 


If you have difficulty winning the best page, this could be the main problem, failing to compete with the targeted keywords … 

If you want to win, then use 3-5 long tail model keywords in the title section … 

Don’t just playing one keyword, bro …

For example, if you cannot compete with the targeted keywords, then there are other keyword points that have entered the best page. 

Automatically visitors will come in person. So don’t just focus on 1 keyword, 

you can combine keywords with Google’s suggestion models in related searches. 

use the allintitle strategy that has been taken in searches related to the main 

keywords For example the long tail keywords of related searches are “business from a profitable village” 

Please type on google like this “allintitle: business from a profitable village”. (without quotes)

It will automatically be seen how much the competition is, it is better to use a little competition, of course the best page opportunities will be better. 

Remember, you need to combine at least 2-4 keywords in one article title. 


What is Google’s suggestion. ?? 

Those are the keywords that Google suggests in the related search section. 

Take all of these keywords, then enter in each paragraph so that no stuffing keywords occur. 

Also use Heading, Subheading and Minorheading optimization. 

You can mention it in the heading using the related search keywords.

This is because spider view will browse the entire body of the article, starting from the title to the tail … 

So optimize to each paragraph with keywords that have been suggested by Google. 


Giving links to other articles becomes a plus in the eyes of Google. 

In fact, this includes the type of quality articles for Google, because the contents are recommendations to other articles. 

Maximize internal links at least 4-5 links .. 


Many people say SEO only focuses on articles, but images also need to be optimized with SEO 

including a plus to be able to win in search engines ..

Use an image that does not belong to someone else’s milim, you can take it on pixabay, com. 

To optimize it, it’s quite easy. 

Click properties on the image >> enter alt text and tiitle text using keywords in the title. 

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