Positive and Negative Impacts of Internet Use

Positive and Negative Impacts of Internet Use 

The article below discusses the positive impact and negative impact of internet usage which is quite high in the modern era today.

Even though the internet is a very useful tool that can make the life of a modern society much more comfortable, it also has a negative impact. For people who want to be productive, the internet offers various opportunities to pursue goals. But there are also evil individuals who want to exploit the internet for their selfish motives.

The development of information technology specifically for the internet has had positive and negative impacts on society. like this below:

Positive Internet Impact

1. It’s easier to find information

Over time, more information is entered on the internet, and this information is added to every day. People can now review medical studies, medical articles, business articles, scientific articles, hobbies, videos, and find answers to any topic. In addition, we can all watch TV shows, movies, music videos, podcasts from all sources, watch sports, follow sports scores, and even talk to your doctor or boss on the internet.

2. Communication with family, friends and relatives faster Gone are the longing days because sons or daughters can now easily contact their parents online.

Services such as Skype and Gmail allow loved ones to communicate with other people in almost all parts of the world with the internet. Send pictures, e-mail, and face-to-face communication with the internet more easily.

3. get money from the internet Now it’s possible to get online through writing, fill out forms, or even just click on ads on the internet. Information is a valuable thing that people want to pay. Through advertisements posted online, manufacturers and sellers can increase the likelihood of purchasing their products.

4. Faster business transactions and cheaper products Sellers and buyers can now transact through online payment facilities such as Paypal or credit cards. Buyers can browse online and choose the products they want to buy. There is no need for a physical shop to be maintained because the product can be sent directly from the factory.

5. Savings in travel costs Through the use of the internet, it is possible for executives or business managers to conduct teleconferencing. They don’t need to meet physically just to discuss various things. This can save you a lot of travel costs. With the internet you can directly connect without having to travel

Negative Impact of the Internet

1. Children, young adults and even adults addicted to online games Online games can be addictive to children, young adults and even adults. This can rob us of valuable time that should be used for something more productive.

2. Pornography is rampant Anyone can easily upload pornographic material for commercial purposes or just for fun. Young people’s minds will be damaged through their exposure to things that are intended for adults. Many famous figures have also been victimized by opportunistic and evil people who want to discredit others using their personal meetings.

3. Loss of sense of human socialization People who are absorbed in their online activities tend to forget that there are real people in their environment who need their attention or have socialization needs. Social networking is more important for virtual friends than real friends.

4. Crime / crime increases Unsuspecting internet users can become victims of criminal internet that interfere with their email or do something bad with their credit card information. Phishing or fooling others into believing that criminal websites are legitimate causes millions of money to be lost for misleading business transactions.

5. Loners do not want to hang out / Family neglect In one example, couples in the world are busy with virtual babies ( smartphone internet technology ) who forget to feed their native babies who died of starvation. People become insensitive because they are busy with cyberspace


Considering that the impact of the internet for people can be positive and negative, there is a need to manage this technology for the benefit of the whole human being. The most worrying is the need to ensure that internet security works well to prevent the negative effects of the internet on innocent people.

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