Improve Your Communication Skill and get more orders on Fiverr

Improve Your Communication Skill and get more orders on Fiverr

Improve Your Communication Skill and get more orders on Fiverr

Hello this time I will tell you tips on how to improve your communication skills and get more orders on Fiverr.
In my experience, even though we have good English skills (I personally have poor English skills), sometimes our prospective clients communicate in a way that is “unusual” even for people who have good English language skills should think for a moment to understand and reply.

Improve Your Communication Skill And Get More Orders On Fiverr

And I’m here to give tips on how to talk to prospective clients in my own experience:
  1. Notify from the beginning if we are not native speakers / our English is not good. so that prospective clients will certainly understand and use language that is easier to understand, of course we tell them in a polite way.
  2. If you do not understand or doubt the meaning of the words of prospective clients , do not hesitate to ask our prospective clients. don’t let prospective clients think that we understand 100% of their words, when in fact they don’t.
  3. Repeat client requests with your own understanding to avoid misunderstandings. like a waiter who repeats a buyer’s order to make sure you understand what the prospective client is saying.
  4. Do not accept work from clients who want native speakers for their work. do not accept work like this because the percentage of bad ratings from clients to us will be higher. the reason is because we are not native speakers of the language that the client wants. this is usually for translating work from one language to another, so my advice about this is better reject and avoid work that requires native speakers.
  5. Always say polite to prospective buyers. in my opinion this is very important because like the restaurant waiter I mentioned before, you must be unhappy not if you want to order food but the waiter who serves you is not polite and lazy.
  6. Answer prospective client questions with a solid, concise, clear and easy to understand. one of our duties as a seller is not to add to the confusion of prospective buyers / clients, do not answer questions with language or terms that confuse the client, because it can potentially leave prospective clients.
  7. Being as communicative as possible. we are a seller / seller must be active and communicative in giving choices to our prospective clients. not many prospective clients are confused about what they themselves want, and there we can suggest some choices for them. such as packages, fees, etc.
Indeed, in the beginning it must have been difficult, I felt that way at the beginning of the first time I was always confused and excited when I wanted to reply to a prospective client’s message. but after that things like talking to clients as above are common (even though sometimes still confused and excited).
The point is to position yourself (seller) as a client (buyer) with that you must have a shadow of what a good seller is and what you expect if you are a buyer.
More or less that’s my advice for those of you who are new or who want to be sellers on the Fiverr site.
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