How To Write A Blog Post Fast

Building a blog is indeed a very pleasant job for those who like to write. Moreover, the hobby of sharing knowledge with others. However, sometimes we want to write articles quickly. Especially for those of you who have more than one blog. Writing a few articles a day can be an easy job when you know how. 

Writing articles quickly

I found this technique from an outside site because today I am busy looking for references on how to write articles quickly. As a result, there are a lot of suggestions that I have found, some using sound to text techniques, others using spinner techniques and so on. 

How to write articles quickly?

Writing articles is a competency, not for people who have talent. Everyone can write as long as there is a will and intention to try. I myself have not been able to measure the extent of the quality of my article, whether it can be understood or not by readers of this blog. What motivates me to write is the desire to share, besides generating profits of course hehe. 

Write the title or writing idea that you have on notepad, books, and so on

Most blog writers give advice to always record the ideas obtained. Take a moment to read and look for various ideas or article titles. Then record all of these ideas, once ready to write, please write quickly. Taking the time to find ideas is the best way to keep you having ideas. After all, differentiating between when you come up with ideas and when you write can make your focus more focused. You can have an overview of the articles in the list of ideas, so you will be able to write quickly when working on it. 

Let the ideas add to the title of the article

Once you have several lists of article titles, the next step is to let the ideas continue to grow. The point is this, say today you found some ideas. Try to think about whether there are additional ideas. Make a list again under the title. Let it go back, well, usually, the list of new ideas will continue to grow. After everything is considered mature, you can speed up when writing arithmetic. 

Write quickly without editing, edit afterwards

After you have taken the time to write your ideas, the next step is to write articles quickly. You can write articles quickly because before you already have an idea that you want to write. Distinguish between the writing process and the editing process. You will get a very extraordinary effect when applying this technique. Do not believe, just try the exercise and disable the back space button, write it quickly without editing. Let your sentences continue to flow without thinking about typo and grammar. The most important is pouring all your ideas and ideas continuously. To support this ability to write quickly, it helps you learn to type using 10 fingers. Please search for a game application for typing practice on the internet, practice routinely 1 or 2 hours a day for several months.

Give a time-out when you cannot put ideas into writing

When you have finished several articles quickly, give a short break so that your mind is fresh again. Writing produced from fresh thoughts will be very different from the writing that is forced. This is not good for your blog. As we know that, articles that can perform best on search engines are quality and useful articles for readers. 

Always carry a small note

Have you ever experienced the idea of ​​just coming? Of course I have. Ideas can come from anywhere and anytime. So that you can make the idea into writing, always carry a pen and a small note in your pocket. Write down all the ideas that crossed and find the reference. This method is efficient enough so that you are able to write articles quickly when in front of the computer. 

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