How to Restore Suspended Adsense Accounts

How to Restore Suspended Adsense Accounts 

How to Restore a Suspended Adsense Account – on this occasion I will discuss the issues surrounding Google Adsense which are a lot of problems that can be experienced for adsense publishers whether it’s a matter of policy or security and others

Suspended intention is  insitlah  which is often used by advertising service providers and websites or social media that is created with the term suspended account will happen apabilan publishher parties or violate the policies made by the service.

But on this occasion I will discuss a little ways to recover a suspended adsense account before that, see some of the following reasons why adsense accounts can be suspended.

Some causes of suspended adsense accounts

1. Accounts are suspended because traffic is invalid, this usually happens because traffic on your blog is small or traffic is unclear because Google is more happy if your blog offers organic traffic, namely from google search

2. Adsense account is suspended because click activity is invalid for new publishers you must know this one google ban because usually for beginners like me often click on adsense ads themselves, it is prohibited by google adsense because it can harm advertisers in other words the adsense publisher banned from advertising on your own blog.

For more details, you can read where you can  just understand what is being banned.

Characteristics of suspended adsense accounts

1. Google adsense ads will not appear on the blog

2. Usually it will get an email from Google Adsense about the problem why the account can be suspended

3. For suspended adsense accounts there will usually be a red display on the google adsense dashboard that says your account is temporarily deactivated, due to this suspension of ad serving being temporarily suspended. sample image below.

The above is an example of a picture of my account being suspended because of the first invalid click. I was also confused as to why my account could be temporarily deactivated in the previous case.

Do adsense ads that have been installed on the blog have to be uninstalled? 

I myself deleted the adsense ads on the blog because the blank appearance made the blog feel ugly and not responsive and I only uploaded it to the top header to anticipate if Google Adsense reviewed my blog.

To overcome the suspended adsense account, what should I do?

How long is the adsense account suspended you have to be patient because usually the suspension period is 30 days or one month at the end of the suspension you will receive an email from google adsense example image below.

Either that means what is meant by yourself, the point is that my suspended adsense account has returned and adsense ads can already appear on my blog

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