How to Build Long Term Relationship with Fiverr Clients

How to Build Long Term Relationship with Fiverr Clients

Hello everyone, this time I will tell you tips so that your clients feel at home working with you and becoming your customers.
Isn’t it nice if we have one or more clients who definitely order our gigs? especially if we are comfortable when doing the client’s work, but sometimes we unknowingly make small mistakes that can cause our clients to run away :(, that’s why I’m here to give tips so you don’t make those mistakes.

How To Build Long Term Relationship With Fiverr Clients

  1. Reply to the client’s message as quickly as possible , reply to the client’s message as quickly as possible to avoid the client moving to someone else. We do not know whether the client’s interests / jobs need to be rushed or not, so my advice is that you must be prepared to reply to client messages on Fiverr. You can also download the Fiverr application to your smartphone to anticipate things like the one above.
  2. Always reply to clients ‘messages politely and communicatively , reply to your clients’ messages as quickly as possible, politely and communicatively as possible. If your condition or mood is not right to reply to the message, just say that you are currently on the road / outside so it is impossible to reply to the message, and you also say that you will preach it directly when you have time or are at home. But this also has the potential for clients to move to other sellers, so if possible you reply to the message by ignoring your current condition or feeling. I personally prefer to reply with me outside because I cannot ignore my condition or my feelings at that time.
  3. Improve the quality of your work , improve your quality in terms of the speed of replying to messages, words in your message and work results. No doubt if you can improve the quality of the three points earlier, you will definitely be quick to level up as a seller, it is not even impossible for you to become a best-seller on Fiverr quickly.
  4. Maintain the quality of your work (minimum) , if you are difficult to do the third tip, at least maintain your performance. Don’t let the quality of your work decrease, even though it’s difficult if you are busy with your other work, college, family etc. But with your consistency that you will not let your quality decline, then the client must be reluctant to move to another seller and to be a best-seller on Fiverr is not impossible for you.
  5. Do not and never be late in sending your work through the specified deadlines , this is very vital for the longevity of your business on Fiverr, because this can make you lose clients and can make your gigs not sell well. My advice is for those of you who like to forget (like me), make a reminder / alarm on your smartphone to prevent this. Or maybe you can immediately work and finish it as soon as possible.
Yes and that’s about the important tips from me so that clients feel at home with you, and might be a subscription client.
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