Easy Way to Open Msconfig via Cmd

Easy Way to Open Msconfig via Cmd 

How to open MSConfig via Cmd – To display this feature is actually quite easy but there are some people who are confused but just calm down here I will share a tutorial on how to open it

Before you know more, you need to know the meaning of MSConfig is: Utility to troubleshoot Windows startup processes. This program is bundled with the Microsoft Windows operating system.  A system in the Windows  troubleshooting tool can be used to disable drives / software / etc  from booting up.

For those of you who want to open or see if  MSConfig in Windows works properly, you can follow the tutorial I gave below for those who don’t know.

How to Open Msconfig In Windows via Cmd

1. The first step please press Windows + R on your computer keyboard simultaneously.

2. Then the Cmd Run Command Prompt will appear,  please type Msconfig in the cmd menu column in the example window as shown below.

3. After that, just select OK or press enter on your computer keyboard. Then the MSConfig menu will automatically open if it works, then you can see the MSConfig display as shown below.

After entering MSConfig there are settings for setting some features, namely the General boot service startup and the tools you can set the requirements for your windows there so that the computer works properly.

Oiya to open this MSConfig can be run on all Windiws xp / 7/8/10. So for How to open MSConfig with CMD, hopefully it’s useful, thanks.

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