Bitcoin Races Again Towards US $ 10k

Bitcoin again shot 3.55% to $ 9,985.4, but is still far below the July peak of $ 13,134 when popular crypto sentiment turned negative after lawmakers launched strong criticism of the crypto currency earlier this month, when Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB ) trying to outline a plan regarding Libra, his own crypto.

But stopping adoption of bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency might prove easier said than done, according to several US lawmakers.

Mike Crapo, Chair of the Senate Banking Committee, said he was confident the US would not be able to ban Bitcoin.

“If the United States decides, and that doesn’t mean it has to be, we don’t want cryptocurrency in the United States, and try to ban it, I’m pretty sure we can’t do it because this is global technology, global innovation,” Crapo joked in front of the US Senate Committee on Affairs Banking, Housing and Urban, at a cryptocurrency hearing on Tuesday (30/07).

Losses that occurred in July had an impact on the bitcoin market capitalization and were often used to measure demand, which had fallen 23% to $ 178 billion.

Other cryptocurrency follows the bitcoin move up. XRP fell 1.09% to $ 0.31556,Ethereum gained 1.96% to $ 214.13 andLitecoin increased by 7.28% to $ 97.78.

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