7 Best Paid Online Survey Sites Paying Worldwide

Currently there are many ways to earn money on the internet, one of the easy ways is to take an online survey, where your opinion will be appreciated and reviewed further. With the aim of finding facts or new things about a product or other things related to people’s lives. 

So that the results of the survey can be known what needs in the community.

Here are some online surveys that have been proven to pay its members.

Some online survey sites are proven to pay:

1. Toluna (Recommendation)

Toluna Register

Up to now, Toluna is still active in conducting market research throughout the world by doing a number of questions / surveys to its members.

Of the many online survey sites. Tuna is one site that is proven to pay its members.

toluna is an online survey panel that is always consistent.

On the toll you can also ask and answer a number of questions to find facts and other new things, or you can also find other people’s opinions about various things, such as sports, health, beauty, motorbikes, cars, products, etc.

You can immediately answer or take part in various online surveys after you have successfully registered with the Toluna site. Besides answering questions, you can also ask questions to others, to find out their opinions.

After you successfully complete the survey provided, you will get a number of points from the toll, the point given is around 2000-10,000 points, depending on the level and length of time in answering the survey.

These points can be exchanged for money and other attractive prizes.

If you want to exchange it for some money, 10,000 points are needed. You can make exchanges using paypal.

2. Global Tesmarket

Global Tesmarket considers itself the largest survey company, because many large companies around the world use services from global Tesmarket to find out the opinions of consumers about a product. They also know what consumers need.

The points given for each survey vary from 90-120 points. After the point reaches 4500 points, you can immediately redeem it to paypal. 4500 points = $ 10.00.

To complete a survey from global testmarket, classified as very easy, it’s just that sometimes the time needed is too long for a survey, but the points given are felt in accordance with the length of time spent answering the survey.

Register now in the global test market and get some cash.

3. Ipsos

Today there are many people who want to give their voices or opinions about the products they use for their daily needs.

For this reason, many websites want to give them the opportunity to have their opinions / opinions heard and appreciated. The website provides a platform for users to provide reviews and ensure that the company knows what is needed by most consumers.

Ipsos is one of the online survey service provider websites that was founded in 1975 and is currently growing by surveying around 20 million surveys every year for 5,000 more client companies consisting of various countries around the world.

This online survey company has employed around 9000 employees to provide survey services. This company also wants consumers to answer honestly every survey that is given regarding certain products. Every opinion / opinion that they / consumers give will get a number of points from the results of answering an online survey, which points can be exchanged into certain prizes.

In addition to prizes, the points obtained can also be exchanged for a number of cash that can be exchanged via paypal. By using paypal you don’t need to worry about every online transaction and can be sure of its security.

4. Inbox Dollar

The dollar inbox is an online survey that has many initiatives in conducting online surveys.

Dollar inbox significantly increases its popularity, payment of dollar inbox makes payments instantly.

By registering on a dollar inbox site and completing a simple task from a dollar inbox you can get $ 3.00.

In addition to taking online surveys, you can also get some money by recommending to your friends, you can also take part in game competitions to earn money.

Register now and make money now after successfully registering.

To make a conversion you can use paypal as a point conversion tool and get cash.

5. Vindale

Vindale is one of the online sites that provides high fees, for each survey that is successfully completed.

Vindale offers around $ 5.00, sometimes giving up to $ 75.00 for the time you give to answer surveys from them.

In addition to getting an online survey, you can also buy trial products and check them out, and you are also paid to do that. You can also cancel product purchases before the trial period ends.

You can also evaluate, offer, watch videos, gift letters, and cash contests. Besides that, you can also recommend to friends, all of that you can do to increase the number of points.

You can also make withdrawals via paypal if the point you collect has reached the target of money changers. It’s just that you can make a withdrawal after reaching the balance of $ 50.00. Maybe the point exchange is very high, and of course it takes a long time to exchange the balance.

6. Nielsen

You can earn money by voicing your opinions through nielsen paid online surveys.

Nielsen is a well-known company that makes payments easy.

This company also provides various ways to earn a certain amount of money, besides taking an online survey you can also earn income in other ways.

You can also participate in sharing weekly sweepstakes to get other attractive prizes.

In addition, you can also do download tasks to get a number of points.

After your point is enough to exchange money.

You can exchange via paypal. Besides being easy, paypal also provides fast online transactions and can be guaranteed security in transferring / receiving a certain amount of money.

7. My survey

My survey is one of the many online survey sites that are currently developing on the internet. My survey compensates for each survey they do, whether you qualify for each survey or not.

You only need to register easily and complete the registration form.

After becoming a member of my survey, you will be able to complete the survey they provided and you will get rewards from each survey that you have successfully completed.

Of course this is very easy. You can answer surveys using a computer, tablet, cellphone.

If your point has reached the amount to make an exchange. You can immediately exchange it for a gift card that can be used on Amazon. You can also exchange points for money. Payments can be done using paypal.

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