15 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online

15 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online 

In addition to facilitating communication, technology in this era is very useful for developing an online business. Online business in the most sophisticated era is becoming a trend because it can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a device to connect to the internet.
From small and simple online businesses to online businesses with a turnover of billions of rupiah.
Current online business actors tend to increase and become a trend because there is no need to spend large capital. But the benefits can be plentiful because access to the distribution of a product can be done without limits to cities, regions, and even countries.

Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online

In addition to the benefits above, being a businessman will have an impact on the nation’s progress, especially in terms of the economy. Because according to the research of experts, a developed nation is a nation whose population as a businessman is at least 3%.
Well, for those of you who currently want to open an online business but are still confused about the products to be sold. The growth of these Internet users is a tremendous magnet for those of you who will pursue an online business.
Here we will discuss about 15 of the most promising Online Businesses in 2019. What is the discussion like?
Come see the List of Most Promising Online Businesses 2019 below!

1. Fashion Online Business

Today the fashion business is in the best online business category in the world. Because the target market targeted by this business is quite right and becomes a major need among the world community.
From various types of fashion you can choose one or focus on one category that you are interested in. Furthermore, the target market can be made whether the focus is for children, adolescents, and adults.
Opening this online business does not need to rent a large place and capital. Because actually online businesses, including free, can be marketed via cellphone through the social media account that you have.
In addition to being able to post via social media, you can also market it through an existing marketplace in Indonesia. Various marketplaces in Indonesia have come with their own advantages. Then your next task is to choose a marketplace that suits you.
For the shipping process you can also use a dropship system, where the supplier will deliver the goods to your customers. Your job is to only market and ensure the buying and selling process smoothly and correctly.

2. Affiliate Business and Forex Trading

The next list of promising online businesses is affiliate business. The business is still relatively ordinary, especially for someone who has just jumped into the world of online business.
This affiliate business itself, that is, promoting a product that belongs to someone else. then when someone buys the product through you, you will get a fee from selling the product.
Usually, many affiliate businesses are found on websites that have large enough visitors every day. The workings of running this affiliate online business are as follows:
  • Make sure you have a website with a lot of visitors every day.
  • Register with the affiliate program organizer
  • If approved, the organizer will send a product code to be posted on your website
  • If there are website visitors who buy a product through the code listed on your website, then you receive a fee from the purchase of the product.
For the products used for this affiliate business are ebook sales, training, seminars, and so on.
You can also learn about forex trading, many of which have been successful in this online business. However, you must learn the knowledge.

3. Online Business Youtuber

Youtuber is currently a profession and a promising business. Because, from the creative ideas that are bold to display, it can generate income that is “extraordinary” every month.
To start this business there is no need to spend capital, what is needed is creativity to be able to display very interesting video content.
The youtuber will certainly get income from adsense ads that the brand installs on the video. If there is a lot of video traffic, it is very likely that you will get a lot of income.
Especially if the video you made is really stuck and in accordance with the market segmentation that you aim at.

4. Business Software Developers

The increase in smartphone users in the current technological era is a great opportunity for you to explore the world of online business. In addition to the business mentioned above, there is another best online business that you can do is to become a software developer.
The business of the software developer in question is a business for those of you who are experts in programming. You can make an interesting and unique software and then sell it to a company engaged in technology.
An example of a simple software that you can make is like making a game. After the game is made, you can sell it to a technology-based company that really needs it.
Besides that, you can also become a freelancer software developer, where you help a company to create software that supports the company’s progress. Whether it’s from the development of communications, finance, security, and so on.
If you are a developer, you can search for projects on project.co.id, please visit at Stius to register.
One of the most expensive software in the world is CryEngine2 which is a gaming machine for computers first person shooter game far cry. The software was allegedly the most expensive device in the past few years.
Later this game became popular because it was bought by NVIDIA for a game that was quite booming. The price of the software is priced at 200,000 USD.
In essence, in developing an online business this software must have the courage to try. It could be, what you make today will be useful in the future.

5. Online Business Sells WordPress Plugins and Templates

WordPress is an open source website application . WordPress is currently becoming the prima donna among online businesses. From wordpress, online businesses can reap abundant profits from advertisements posted on the site.
Along with the many wordprees users, many sites sell wordpress plugins with the aim of increasing income. The price offered is not too expensive, only around $ 12- $ 58.
But the price is less than when compared to wordpress site users reaching 74,652,825 spread around the world. This means that you will get a great opportunity and profit from the number of users of the wordpress site, when selling plugins and templates. To see examples of selling wordpress templates themselves, you can visit codecanyon.net or themeforest.net.
The sellers can make transactions in a week with profits of hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah by selling 1,500 copies a week. If you are good at making wordpress themes or plugins, please visit and register yourself at this link .

6. Online Blogger Business

Free online business without capital is not just a theory, but a reality that exists in this sophisticated world. In addition to the dropship system online business as discussed above, there are other businesses that do not need to spend capital, namely the online blogger business.
This online blogger business is perfect for those of you who like writing. Because the blog is facilitating anyone who likes writing to be able to fill the platform with unique, useful and interesting writings.
Writing that is also written in various ways, can be about tourism, culinary, technology, politics, literature and so forth. Blogs are increasingly growing where you can display ads that work with the google adsense. From the writing you write when it brings good interest and traffic it will be proportional to the advertising revenue you get.
Of course, besides displaying the writing, your next task is to bring as many blog visitors as possible.
The methods taken to promote blogs are various, including sharing your writing on social media. Then, you can also work with a large website, viva.co.id to send your blog posts. If it matches the criteria, your blog will be promoted by the site.
This blogger’s online business when pursued will be something that is very valuable and quite promising. Because your income can be at least $ 10- $ 2000 USD depending on the effort and strategy that you apply to popular your blog.
However, do not ever do anything fraudulent. Because if it is detected that a violation of your blog will be banned and it is possible that the revenue can not be achieved.
Well, that’s one of the online businesses without capital that looks easy to do but can be fatal if it doesn’t meet the rules.
One example of a successful blog in Indonesia is betting. It is a blog that shows many theme themes.
There are many articles that occupy the first page of Google. So that from that can make fantastic profits of up to tens of millions of rupiah every month from adsense on his blog.
The technique of making your blog a lot and much visited in my opinion is:
  1. Content
  2. Display
  3. Backlink 

7. Online Business Copywriter

Copywriters are currently becoming a promising profession. Without a copywriter, a buyer will not be interested or want to buy a product. Yes, because in essence a copywriter has a big role to invite and influence someone to be able to buy the product. A copywriter has a creative task through the words pinned on a product in order to attract the attention of the customer.
Even the words written are not as much as writing a book or blog with just a few sentences that encourage someone to be interested in buying.
More complete about the work of a copywriter is to write an ad text in an interesting and segmented language or on target.
You could say they are marketing who are ready to promote a product through promotive words.
If you are a writer, then this job is perfect for you. What is needed is to read a lot of situations and conditions for the sales target that you are going to go to.
Do not let any missteps or incorrect writing can be the target you aim at not interested in buying the product.

8. Online Business Freelance Writer

The online business is still for you who like writing. You could say this online business is free without large capital costs. Enough with your excellent writing skills, you can already find clients to write on a website or on another portal.
Why is this online business said to be a promising business?
Because there are indeed many online businesses that are increasing every time. They have websites, blogs, etc. to be filled with articles or other writing that attract visitors.
Usually these business people have their own keywords or keywords that must be considered by a freelance writer or freelance writer .
With the presence of a freelance writer they will provide interesting and quality article writing.
Because the advertisers themselves will see the writings that are present on a website whether original or just copy paste. Well, that’s where the existence of a freelance writer is needed.
The rates applied for the best online business for these authors range from Rp. 7,000–80,000 per article. Everything is adjusted to the number and ability of the writer to fulfill the article order from the client.
These prices usually apply to UK writing. If you have the ability in writing in English, the tariff applied is at least $5 for one article.
If you are interested in dealing with this business, it can be done by opening a separate service agency. Where for the initial promotion can be done through social media by offering to the closest friends who are indeed struggling in the field of online business.
Or you can become a freelance writer at project.co.id, where there are gathered freelance writer seekers and freelance writers who are waiting for the job project.
Or if you have not dared to open your own writing agency, you can register to be the recipient of a job on a site like sribulancer.com, upwork.cok, projects.co.id, and so on.
The site accommodates freelance writers to meet with their clients. Of course through this site your online business is included in the category of trusted online business because it has clear rules for collaboration.
To start this business, don’t forget to create a personal blog or website by posting articles or portfolios that they trace your work to. With that, the client will believe that you are a freelance writer who is worthy of collaboration.

9. Online Business E-Book

The online e-book business is arguably the newest online business in the field of writing. It is said to be new because it changes the frame of the authors to be able to market their books digitally.
In general, when the authors finish working on a book they will look for publishers to be able to publish books in the form of books in general.
Apparently, over time, publishers in UK and in the world have considered printing digital books known as electronic books or e-books.
Of course, with this latest innovation, writers and publishers don’t need to need printing or publication costs to every bookstore.
This e-book business has begun to be in demand by business people, especially for writers. Therefore there is a site that sells e-books with the best quality, such as Kindle Direct Publishing, or better known as kdp.amazon.com.
In the site there are many e-books with fiction and non-fiction genres. On average books sold have 5000 words priced at $ 2- $ 3.5.
The writers who have their work can be posted through the site with later a royalty of 35% of the price sold.
For those of you who like to write both fiction and nonfiction, immediately take the opportunity to be able to work and do free online business without substantial capital.
So, there is no reason not to be able to produce works because of limited capital or publishers who want to publish. Everything you can do online and also present.

10. Business Translator

The era of globalization that dominates today makes it very easy for a country to establish cooperation in any field. Unfortunately, this is not supported by an increase in the foreign language skills that each citizen has. So that a company or institution really needs people who are competent to understand and understand the foreign language.
Usually they really need a good translator to meet in person or just translate texts, proposals, and other important documents.
Well, that’s where the role of an interpreter is really needed. So that those of you who have the ability in the field of foreign languages ​​can be a promising online business opportunity.
For practice the implementation is indeed done a lot offline. But to market it can be online through social media.
You can promote yourself by creating a portfolio that tracks the translations you have ever done.
In addition to through social media, you can also enter personal data through liaison sites between those who have expertise with clients. The sites in question include sribulancer.com, project.co.id, onehourtranslation, and also fiverr.com.
The scope of work of an interpreter also varies, including translating a book, document, script, etc. which can be done online.
In addition there are also companies that need translators when dealing with foreign clients. Then automatically, the scope of work that can be done is offline, not online.
Don’t hesitate to start this business because the rates applied can range from hundreds of millions in accordance with the contract imposed by the client.

11. Online Business Web Development Services

In this technological era, someone who is engaged in the business of web development services is needed. You could say this is the latest online business that is very popular in the past period.
This online business is a business that is indeed sought after by companies, agencies, or institutions. With the aim to be able to facilitate displaying profiles, activities, or activities of the company or institution.
Therefore, there are many requests to make a web, but it is a promising business area. Just like other online businesses to promote web development services, this can be done independently by spreading it through social media.
You can also use other official websites that can connect you with clients. Like on the sites projects.co.id, upwork.com, and also sribulancer.com.
Don’t ask about the income you will get because the amount is so fantastic. It ranges from Rp. 1 million to 200 million. It depends on the desire and also the ability with both parties to cooperate.

12. Online Business Consulting Services

Register the next online business is in terms of consulting services. In foreign countries, consulting services have begun to be sought after and made a promising profession.
This has gradually begun to spread to developing countries such as UK. The most sought-after consulting services cover the fields of economics, health, politics, law, and so on.
This consulting service underwent a significant change, where prior to the technology, someone who worked as a consulting service had to market himself through an advertisement in the newspaper or through the closest relatives.
With the latest technology, consulting services can also be done without meeting but through the Skype application, video call, and so on.
The income that comes in for this consulting services business varies. Depending on the level of difficulty where these business people will benefit up to tens of millions of dollar.
So that clients want to use your services and enter into a trusted online business, create a website that contains your personal data and a track record of clients who have collaborated with you.
Also provide education about what consulting services you are involved in. Because the community is not fully aware of the consulting services business itself.

13. Promoting Followers Service on Social Media

For those of you who are familiar on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on, of course, are already familiar with an account that claims to be able to help anyone to get followers with a fantastic amount.
Although classified as the newest online business that is quite unique, this business is able to make someone curious so they want to work together to increase followers in their social media.
The purpose of many followers also varies, some are intended to increase sales, some are intended to be “artists” of social media and so on.
The average price charged to increase these followers ranges from $ 5 to $ 50, all depending on the package you ordered.
When viewed it does look small, but don’t get the wrong clients who need services to add to these followers quite a lot and are very prospective for the future.

14. Graphic Design Services

It is undeniable that there are now many companies, institutions, and agencies that need graphic design personnel to develop their business or programs.
This graphic design service business can include making company logos, making business cards, banners, banners, and so on.
Just like other online businesses to market this business can be through a link between you and the client. You can also create a website or blog that displays a portfolio that contains your work.
When pursued and carried out with patience, the income that can be earned from this business can reach up to million of dollar.
There are a number of things you must pay attention to in running this business, including:
  • Keep updating information about the growing trend in this year or month. especially if the ordering party is a young person who needs something unique and current.
  • Listen and fulfill the wishes of consumers. The point is that convergence satisfaction is your benchmark when working together. Therefore, fulfill every desire as long as it is still in goodness.
  • Show achievements that you have ever achieved. When you follow a competition that deals with the world of graphic design, make it a selling point for your clients. This will be useful when you will install rates for cooperation.

15. Sales Artwork Business

The business of selling artwork is arguably the newest online business that is still very rare. The business of this artwork usually sells interesting stock images from photographs, paintings, sketches and so on.
In developed countries, this business has begun to develop as evidenced by the many websites that facilitate the sellers of artwork to sell their product, namely:

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