15 Fiverr Tips for New Sellers

15 Fiverr Tips for New Sellers

Fiverr is an online marketplace site for freelancers since 2010. In this site there are very many freelancers or freelancers in all fields such as making songs, making storyboards, consulting, making video games and so on, until there are freelancers who offer themselves to incubate Pokemon eggs , on this website there are also many highly skilled workers, aka professionals in their fields. (no comment for freelancers who offer hatching Pokemon eggs).

Fiverr Tips For New Sellers

On this site there are also many Indonesians who associate themselves as freelancers, some as translators, drawing art workers etc. I myself am a freelancer illustrator on this site and this time I will share tips for newcomers to be successful (minimal survive) on Fiverr.
1. Learn Selling Basics on Fiverr
If you are just starting to sell on Fiverr, then it is very natural if there is still a lot of uncertainty that leads to confusion from where you need to start. You are still confused about what to sell and how the sales system works on Fiverr. So it’s a good idea to first read a collection of basic articles on Fiver Academy or at least tweak your fiverr website and see how the people who first on Fiverr offer their services.
2. Use Videos to Cover Your Gig
According to Fiverr’s research, adding high-quality short videos to your Gig can increase your sales by more than 200%. This is very useful for you to immediately get your first $ 5. Even videos that you make can be directly from your smartphone.
3. Reasonable Delivery Time
It should be noted that some buyers at Fiverr were very concerned about their order deadline. Many buyers decide to order our Gig because they see us always sending people orders on time.
4. Use the right SEO
The use of the right SEO can make many people see your Gig or make your Gig impression increase. You can learn about SEO techniques in several related articles on Google.
5. Make an attractive profile
When a buyer chooses our services, what they will see first is our Personal Profile. Attractive and relevant profiles make buyers confident in our service. Creating an attractive profile can be made by creating a unique profile photo, besides that the definition we make must also define ourselves honestly.
6. Use the Fiverr App Application
Fiverr App is a Fiverr application that is very useful for us to organize orders and answer questions of interested buyers or have ordered our Gig. Fiverr App can be downloaded on Android (Play store) or iOS app (App Store). This application will really help you keep orders & requests of buyers on the trip. Being able to see and respond to requests at any time is a great way to increase your sales faster.
7. Update Info Fiverr
We must always update info from Fiverr. Usually in the form of promos or new features of the fiverr app. And the most helpful is the update of tricks and tips from Fiverr Academy. We also have to frequently read Forum activities that contain activities and discussions from other Fiverr Sellers.
8. Learn the multiples of $ 5 tricks
The value of $ 5 is the basic price of our service. But we can also make our service prices many times over. We can use the Gig Package feature.
9. Update on the Forum
Increase diving to the Fiverr forum and get acquainted with the people there. This is a great resource for tips and places to support sharing with other sellers.
10. Blogging on your successful journey
If we have started selling on Fiverr and have got several sales, then it’s good we share our successful journey. Can be through Social media or Blog. But in this case I want to teach how we start creating blogs and posting stories of our journey as buyers. Because how many blogs can also be an accurate tool to improve our impressions, the way we have to post our Fiverr account profiles on the Blog.

11. market research

Before we make gigs, it would be nice to do market research such as looking at market prices and the number of gigs we will make is already a lot or not. This is very important for a freelancer to survive on Fiverr. You can research by finding the same keywords as the gigs we will make. example: Digol wants to make a translate comic, suppose it’s good for Digol to look for translate comics on Fiverr to find out if there are lots of fans and rivals before he makes the gigs. and you can also do market research by looking at what is most popular with the buyer request.

12. Use effective and easy to understand sentences

This is something that must be taken into account by those of us who sell services to buyers. Use sentences that are easy to understand and not long-winded when you make gigs. Usually this is very difficult for us people who English is not their native language, if you are not confident with your English skills, my advice is to check your writing with google translate or with people, friends who have good English skills.

13. Giveive a discount to the buyer / client

This is to attract buyers, if we give them a discount they will be happy and don’t think long to hire us. Example: Digol is an illustrator on Fiverr, and he gives a price on a gigs or ad for $ 10, and he writes in his gigs like this “I will give a discount for those who send messages before making a purchase or order”. With that, people who see our ads will definitely be interested in buying our gigs and discounts here we can also use to advertise our gigs.

14. Polite and friendly

Why is polite? because we as sellers must say politely to buyers. Not a few people who can’t and are not polite when answering a buyer’s message. Therefore this is very important to build trust and a sense of comfort for the buyer, because it says polite … Even though sometimes we will meet buyers who are annoying, I suggest to keep saying polite. Because if we insult the buyer and the buyer, we report to Fiverr. Then our Fiverr account will be banned.

15. The last tip is not to give up

For those of you who are new to this site in the beginning it will definitely be difficult to get one buyer. Because I myself had experienced it even when someone asked me I was very happy. therefore keep up the spirit, positive thinking and keep fixing your gigs. You can also imitate the bestseller ads on Fiverr to be used as references for your gigs.
At first I was also difficult to find a buyer so I thought this would be useful for those of you who are new to the Fiverr site. Because that is the point that is important in my opinion must be done for those of you who are new to Fiverr and this is not advertising, just sharing about my experience as a freelancer.
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